What I Learned in 2013 & 2014

What I learned in my first few years of business and my favorite photos in between

Always sign a contract. Even if there is no money involved

“Approved” and “sent/processed” are 2 completely different things. As in… “Your check has been approved.”

How to say no

If it takes you 2 months to share stories from your past, you’ve just spent 2 months not doing something new

Living alone in the suburbs at your prime will destroy your social life

You really cannot mix business with pleasure

Facebook is dead

A college degree does help you get a job

Age is just a number. But it often correlates with other numbers that are more than just numbers

Acne.org works better than Proactive. Thanks Fitz

If you want to get married soon, date someone who works in the wedding industry

If you don’t, do not

Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth. Vegas is

I am a dog lover

What it feels like to put in your 2 weeks

Clients will always select your least favorite image from a shoot

The details matter to those who matter

Therapists need therapists

If you love creating art and want to make it a career, make sure you love business as well

What 75 million dollars looks like

That Netflix is a better investment than sleeping pills

Leading a horse to water is not enough. You must inspire the horse to drink. Getting eyes on your product is half the battle. You need a call to action – Gary Vaynerchuk (Jab,Jab,Jab, Right Hook)

There are people who value your creative process. There are people who only care about the end product. Respect both

Play stupid games; Win stupid prizes

I spend the most money between 11pm – 3am

Give media outlets the story they are looking for. Do not expect them to research you on their own time. They won’t

How to tie a bow-tie

Life with an iPhone

Sloppy emails exist everywhere, even in Corporate America

Our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of productivity – Tim Ferriss ( The 4 – Hour Work Week)

Drink water

If you want to do something that has already been done, browse the internet. If you want to create something no one has ever seen, find inspiration offline

I am more creative at night. I am more productive in the morning

The best way to find out if you really need something is to sleep on it

Select roommates as creative partners. Be able to collaborate on more than just bills. Their investments affect you now

I wear a size 43 shoe in Europe

Watch movies with the captions on. There is information found in background dialogue and song lyrics that we often miss

Most great opportunities only come around once. If you get a second shot, be ready to quit your job

The worst advice you can give someone is “Never Change” (aka the yearbook curse)

Most, if not all, of my paid jobs are a result of work I did for free

Annie Leibovitz gives a firm handshake

Do more in less areas. It is hard enough to be great at one thing

Create habits for the beginning and end of your day so you can start and end with normalcy regardless of what happens in between

There are 2 rules for success. 1: Never give away all of your secrets.


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