Creative Burnout, Rihanna, and What I Do Every Day.

A quick note about creative balance. Lately I’ve found myself out of rhythm and heavily overwhelmed with work.

I’ve revisited my college-esque all-nighter- food scattered - sporadic sleep routine and I’m sitting here wondering how the hell I got here.

The movie version of my life shows me in meetings, shooting different clients, pumping out work and driving off into the sunset in my Toyota Camry blasting B***h Better Have My Money.

While some of these aspects are true, the romance isn’t there.     

And as I sit here auditing my day-to-day and re-visiting my commonplace book as I often do, it’s clear that my problem lies in the illusions surrounding work and priorities.

By now, you know that I am a huge believer in “Work versus Talk” where work simply trumps all 110% of the time. But I’m also a repeat offender of over-working. I forget that my non-creative habits are just as, if not more, important than my creative work I do every day.

Here is what I (try) to do every day:

Wake up. Eat breakfast. No email. No Phone. Write. Gym. Eat. CREATIVE WORK. Serendipity. REACTIVE WORK (emails, texts, admin work, business). Eat. Read. Social. Sleep at midnight.

When I stick to this routine, I’m a beast. I’m flying. Most importantly, I’m productive.

But a few weeks ago, I went down to California. I ate poorly, I stayed out late. Cali stuff. And I came home to a lot of work and found myself trying to catch up by ditching the routine, and just working all day.

The irony is that working more made me less productive. Not to mention sluggish and unhealthy.

For me, it’s all about balance. I operate with a clear head. And this is made possible by eating right, staying active, reading, and saving emails and phone calls to 10am and 3pm only.

My non creative habits make this possible. I actually think of them as creative habits because they foster the inspiration and creation process.

Here’s the quote I re-visited today.

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” – Gretchen Rubin.

Yes, I create videos and photos and that is one measure of my success. But it’s all made possible by the things I choose to do every day outside of work. And it’s extremely valuable for me to do them.

If you are looking to eliminate daily noise and streamline productivity in your work, email me at with the subject line “Cut The Noise” and I will happily share the resources that have helped me. We are in this together.

Find your balance.


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