Why I Share My Camera Techniques. Deep Down, I Don’t Think You Actually Want IT That Bad. ( But I Hope You Prove Me Wrong )

Today I met with a Seattle photographer who I have a ton of respect for. She’s a beast. We met over coffee, the exchange being an iced latte for SLR video settings and a full-access pass to TheAfterHour video starter pack.

It’s a real thing.

Some people would say I’m stupid. She was a bit surprised at first too.

But what’s more stupid is believing that ideas and camera techniques on their own are worth anything. I mean, I learned most of what I know online. The romantic narrative of me struggling and fighting for information and traveling to the depths of the earth to find these secrets for myself is absolute bull. The information is on YouTube. Most people won’t even take the time to do that.

That’s the point.

I always try and give you, the reader, my fellow aspiring artist, value. (Like seriously, the resources I frequently link out to hold incredible value if you really want it)

Because deep down inside, I doubt anything will come of it. I don’t think you have the patience or the mental fortitude to see it out 1 year, 2 years, 5 years down the line to take this info and take my clientele away from me.

But I hope you prove me wrong.

Because that is what I love. The photoshop-torrenting, piggy bank emptying, no sleep, YouTube scraping, client hunting hustler who simply stays at work to master their craft. The ones who play for the end-game.

The truth is, I want to see people succeed. In whatever they do. I’m a fan.

I’ve been blessed with work that suits my personal lifestyle and fulfills my individual measure of happiness and I have no problem sharing what I know. I know what my absolute bottom line is. And I’m crushing it. I’m not looking to scale up. If everyone is my market, then no one is my market. I’m staying in my lane.

I am open to giving you my secrets. The rest is up to you.

Starting is the easy part. The real challenge is differentiating yourself from everyone else.

I hope you stick it out. I’m right there with you.

Years before UBER, there was Magic Cab. Samsung had a smart watch in 2013. Everyone has great ideas.

Ideas alone are worth nothing. Execution is everything.

I’m in your corner.



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