People Who Inspire Me and What They All Have in Common

My list of inspirational people is short. They range from dancers, to writers, to rappers, to painters, photographers, and directors.

Some of them have traveled the world, been published in Rolling Stone, helped push no budget movies into Hollywood hits. But most of them haven’t. No blue check mark, No ego placements to help validate themselves.

But they are successful. More importantly, I believe in what they do.

And they all have one thing in common.

They do one thing, and they have been doing it for a long time.

They are not Passion-preneurs.

What is a Passion-preneur? This.

Bio: #Blogger #MakeupArtist #Foody #Photographer #GraphicDesigner #WeddingPlanner #FitFam #Singer #InteriorDesigner

I get it. We’re all well rounded people who enjoy doing a lot of things. But this isn’t about the average person. I’m talking about the entrepreneurs who are choosing to sell themselves, as a brand.

If you’re branding yourself as a hundred different things, you don’t have any value. You don’t have a single product. And I bet you aren’t very successful at any one of these things.

This isn’t a personal attack. It’s just common sense. If you do two things, while you do one, you are not doing the other. Being great at one thing is incredibly hard enough.

A group of my friends are YouTubers. They blew up with funny blogs and skits that went viral. Over time they started making music, directing videos, and became reps for a clothing brand in L.A. They’re having fun. And that’s a great thing. But their numbers are down. Their core fan base wants skits. This wouldn’t be a problem if they moved on and did music full time, cut their losses and made a success plan with music. But they are still trying to mix in skits and blogs “when they can.” And that’s where they are blowing it. They aren’t capitalizing on one particular thing.

When I meet with people who are starting a blog or who are creating a product and seeking my service I always ask them the same question. “Who is your market? Who are you selling to?” Most of the time, their answer is that of a passion-preneur. Or perhaps what my YouTube friends would say. Something like, “Anyone. I just want to inspire people.”

This isn’t specific enough. People are going to have a hard time figuring out what you are selling them. Worse, you don’t have a plan. You are casting out a bunch of lines hoping that someone bites. Anyone.

If you are going to brand yourself, focus on the one thing you enjoy the most. Find your market. Do it and master it.

Let people see how far you’ve come. Show them that your information works. Give them a blueprint. Give them value. Be a master of your craft.


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