Robin “Protoman” Rojas | The Next Episode Remix

This project reminded me of 2 important things. First, always bring power chargers for your equipment. The Ronin I was using that day died just as we wrapped our main shoot. I was hoping to shoot this impromptu freestyle on that rig with my blackmagic production cam. But the Ronin died. And the blackmagic was stuck on that. Which leads to number 2: it’s not always about your equipment. Equipment DOES matter, but you can make up for it by focusing on storytelling. In the end, I had 2 pieces of dance footage shot handheld with a 5D Mark II. And this is what I came up with. All credit to Robin who destroyed. This is just my interpretation. 


Robin Rojas | @xProtoman


Canon 5D Mark II

17-40 F4.L


Davinci Resolve 10  (color)

Adobe Premiere CC  (sequence)

Adobe After Effects CC  (effects)

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