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  1. Robin “Protoman” Rojas | The Next Episode Remix

    12 Aug 2015

    This project reminded me of 2 important things. First, always bring power chargers for your equipment. The Ronin I was using that day died just as we wrapped our main shoot. I was hoping to shoot this impromptu freestyle on that rig with my blackmagic production cam. But the Ronin…

  2. How I Built My Clientele and Why I Believe in Free Work

    26 May 2015

    Last week I received this question in my inbox: This is a great question. The journey from hobbyist to sort of professional to full business is tricky to navigate. Artists create because it feels good. Running a business exists on the other end of the spectrum. It’s a weird paradox.…

  3. People Who Inspire Me and What They All Have in Common

    06 May 2015

    My list of inspirational people is short. They range from dancers, to writers, to rappers, to painters, photographers, and directors. Some of them have traveled the world, been published in Rolling Stone, helped push no budget movies into Hollywood hits. But most of them haven’t. No blue check mark, No…

  4. Behind the Scenes | “Bring Your A-Game”: A Social Media Campaign

    06 May 2015

    Back in January, I was asked by the ladies of Alpha Phi to shoot a promo video for their spring philanthropy, “Phifa,” a week-long soccer tournament that raises money for women’s heart health and cardiac care. I didn’t make them a video. Here’s what we did instead, and why it…

  5. Mo Money, Mo Problems | What VH1 Taught Us About Success and Happiness

    06 May 2015

    There is something dangerous going on. And it needs to stop. If VH1 has taught us anything, it’s that behind every rock star, every signing bonus, every booty poppin, champagne sippin, lambo whippin, chain hang to my ding-a-lang rags to riches story, lies an empty, sad human being who can’t…

  6. 5 Words To Help Navigate You Through Unexpected Change | The New Normal

    06 May 2015

    Growing up, I was in and out of the hospital with irregular heart-beat. Doctors said they were murmurs, but I always feared that the next time would prove them wrong. For years I believed I was on the verge of a heart attack. The verdict, as it turns out, was…

  7. A Beautiful Struggle

    06 May 2015

    A decade earlier, a century earlier, a millennium earlier, someone just like you stood right where you are and felt a very similar thing, struggling with the very same thoughts. They had no idea that you would exist, but you know that they did. And a century from now, someone…

  8. Why I Don’t use the Dish Washer | Avoiding Resistance and Pending Processes

    06 May 2015

    The other day, my roommate and I got into a heated debate over dishes. I hand-wash my dishes. I did it when I lived alone, and I still do it now living with two other roommates. He argued that the dish washer was not only more energy efficient and time…

  9. What I Learned in 2013 & 2014

    06 May 2015

    What I learned in my first few years of business and my favorite photos in between Always sign a contract. Even if there is no money involved “Approved” and “sent/processed” are 2 completely different things. As in… “Your check has been approved.” How to say no If it takes you…

  10. Dream Chaser Syndrome: Understanding the Limitations of Your Personal Narrative

    06 May 2015

    Aaron Andrews Apparel I often stop and ask myself, Am I really working as hard as I think? Sure I’ve come a long way. Professionally, I’ve been published. I landed a job at a respected company. Outside of my career, I utilize my gym membership. I’m actively involved in a…

  11. Explosions and Onion Bins: Why Being A Pessimist is Sometimes Beneficial

    06 May 2015

    I smelled a gas leak. You know that smell. When someone at a house party leans against the gas knobs in the kitchen. Or the smell that follows the CLICK CLICK of the propane grill. But on this day at the sub shop that I worked at, we had not…

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