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  1. 2016 CINEMA REEL + Thank You

    18 Dec 2015

    4 months and 30+ videos later… (exhale) I’m excited to share my 2016 Cinema Reel.  If you have any questions about my workflow, editing, equipment, message me! The more you ask, the more I share. Thank you for being a part of my 2015 story. -Amir

  2. Robin “Protoman” Rojas | The Next Episode Remix

    12 Aug 2015

    This project reminded me of 2 important things. First, always bring power chargers for your equipment. The Ronin I was using that day died just as we wrapped our main shoot. I was hoping to shoot this impromptu freestyle on that rig with my blackmagic production cam. But the Ronin…

  3. 14k | A Fashion Film and Behind The Scenes with Alley Calkins

    04 Aug 2015

    I’m really excited to share a string of collaborations I’ve been working on this past month. My friend Alley Calkins hit me up and asked if I wanted to film her in action. I’ve always wanted to work with her so I jumped on the opportunity. We shot at Point…

  4. [ VIDEO ] LA Photoshoots | Behind The Scenes & Trip VLOG

    21 Jun 2015

    Last week my friends and I flew down to LA for a collab with City Approval. They did their media circuit and performed at The Mint LA while I drank tequila and ran around with my camera.  Here’s a behind the scenes video and some photos of our adventures out…

  5. Behind the Scenes | “Bring Your A-Game”: A Social Media Campaign

    06 May 2015

    Back in January, I was asked by the ladies of Alpha Phi to shoot a promo video for their spring philanthropy, “Phifa,” a week-long soccer tournament that raises money for women’s heart health and cardiac care. I didn’t make them a video. Here’s what we did instead, and why it…

  6. 3 Minutes w/ Owuor Arunga [VIDEO]

    06 May 2015

    1 am. The server at Amante Pizza clears our table. Across from me sit two old friends, veterans in the music scene, of their neighborhoods at least. “Remember that one hook I had… the one where I said….” Something about riding a bicycle through town. In my fixie, riding down…

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