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  1. How To Edit Your Photos Using Google’s FREE Nik Collection + Bonus Tip [VIDEO]

    08 May 2016

    Google recently made their Nik Collection FREE FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD. I’ve purchased this plug-in set twice in the past because I use it so much. The fact that it is free now, is HUGE. Here’s how you can download it and how I like to use my favorite plug-in, …

  2. How to Make Your DSLR Video Look More Cinematic || Color Grading Tutorial

    29 Feb 2016

    Many people are surprised when I tell them that the majority of my videos on my website were shot on an 8 year-old Canon DSLR. The truth is, you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to create cinematic video. You just need to tweak a few picture settings and…

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