What the h*** does The After Hour even mean?

While the initial assumption is that I run some sketchy, NSFW operation, the name is actually a testament to how my journey began 2 years ago. In fact, the response is very positive once people actually decide to visit my website, whether in a private window or not.

Defining“The AfterHour” : what it means and what it has become

The Literal: I was sick of my routine-driven life. School stressed me out and I didn’t have a creative outlet to keep me balanced. I was searching for something, anything, to pull me out of this state of existential boredom. One night, I came across some photo blogs that explained off-camera lighting, strobing, and post processing. I was hooked. I wanted to shoot like these people. So from that point on, my life was school and work by day, photography at night. All night. It was during these hours where I studied, read, Googled, and developed as a photographer. It was my time of escape. The After Hour was when it all began

The Psychological State: Something interesting happens late at night. Undressed of our daily tasks, our responsibilities, the internet and our smartphones, we find ourselves confronted by silence. Amidst this silence, we allow ourselves to reflect. We think about our relationships, past and present. We think about how badly we need a new job, then about how inconsequential having a job really is in the grand scheme of things. We are reminded of our flaws, our fears, and the fact that we haven’t accomplished as much as we thought we would by this point in our lives. But the great thing about the human mind is that it always strives to reduce an internal imbalance. So to counter this spurt of negative self-examination, we will also create a solution, a way out. A way to succeed and recreate ourselves. We are dreamers. And in our late night, sleep-deprived, desperately-motivated minds, the “impossible” suddenly becomes much more plausible. In this After Hour state of mind, we are driven by impulse and desire, not fear. While I don’t recommend living your life without sleep, I do believe that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to believe without a doubt that what you are doing is not only possible, but also the right thing. No matter how dark things appear to be, you will always have options and there will always be a solution.

The Idea of Legacy: I often think about The After Hour in terms of my legacy. Fact: I’m not going to be here forever. When I’m gone, how am I going to be remembered, further, what is my work going to say about me as a person? As an artist? As long as the internet exists, my kids, and their kids, and their kids will be able to see everything that I posted. Everything. My message has always been greater than photography. I won’t be here forever. But my art will. During this After Hour, what will be my legacy?

Create something greater than yourself.


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